Road to a peaceful life in Provence

I’ve been working for world-class ad agencies in Paris, Barcelona, New York, Mexico, Sao Paolo, and more big cities. That was the realization of my first dream.

But once I realized that I used to still be in the office at midnight, work under pressure daily, and saw neither my friends nor my parents anymore, even the prestige was not fulfilling anymore.

So I quit my job and made a backpacking tour of 7 months around South America with my wife. I took this time to rethink my life purpose. I have started Coffee With A CFO in September 2022, to achieve this new dream: living a peaceful life, in a calm and beautiful french region (Provence), doing what I love and am good at, and spending as much time as possible with my loved ones.

This page exists to remind me where I want to land.

The 3 goals that will lead all my decisions

Spend more time with my family

When I became father, I decided to not be this kind of father that are always stressed, never available to play, read or go for an outdoor ride.

Have fun while working

Too many times in the past, I said « yes » to projects that were not exciting. Almost every time, I struggled with these projects: financial bottomless pit, time-consuming, etc. This has to stop.

Become financially independent

Whether for the monthly income I make from my work, or from the financial assets that I own; the financial aspects of my life must be clean. I never want to be preoccupied with any financial concerns.

Objectives and Key Results


Quarter report

I’ve declined these Objectives into Key Results for the quarter. Here are my follow-ups and learnings.

  • Q2 – 2023


    Structuring the operations, repositioning the offer, and going ambitiously worldwide

  • Q1 – 2023


    Partir dans tous les sens, essayer d'aller partout mais n'aller nulle part en réalité...